Movie Placement

EFFETTO CINEMA uses PRODUCT PLACEMENT in an innovative way: an original marketing tool to promote fashion or design products, food and location in powerful context.

  • Assistance to companies for the identification of products to be proposed to set designers and costume designers
  • Research of best format to promote products (film, TV, commercials, music videos)
  • Careful reading of synopsis and comparison with set designers and costume designers to consider the possibilities of placement of the product
  • Choice of placement modality: as an investor through the system of tax credit (which provides for the possibility to offset tax debts – IRES, IRAP, personal income tax, VAT, social security and insurance – with the credit accrued as a result of an investment in the film industry ) or as a sponsor
  • Arbitration with production houses and drafting of contracts
  • Management of product’s logistic to be sent on the set (delivery/ redelivery)
  • Collection of backstage and set photos